Can you Read me Now? Should You Trust Your Gut When Reading Others’ Feelings?

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Are you reading my mind? People, on learning I am a psychologist, often assume I can. Sure psychological science sure does provide a lot of information about how humans think, feel, and behave. That said, I don’t read minds although as an educator I would love to have that power. Here’s a new study that just may […]

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Riding off Into Teaching Sunsets: Endings

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Endings are always tough for me. Psychoanalytically inclined readers may evoke termination anxiety.  Twice a year we reach the end of class and I face it with ambivalence. Yes, flexible days and a drastic drop in email traffic loom on the horizon, but it is also time to say goodbye. One of my favorite undergraduate classes […]

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You A Scapegoat? Answers to Who’s Accountable For Learning

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We all like having someone to blame. Whether it is the state of the economy, security, sanctions (or lack thereof), it just seems to feel better if we can point a finger. Learning is no exception. Educators point fingers all the time. Americans bemoan the state of public education. States experiment with different ways to […]

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