Is the Promise of Open Educational Resources Fulfilled? We need to get Sherlockian

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In an age of misleading social media and “fake news”, I took solace in the fact that science has a peer review process that separates the wheat from the chaff. It was reassuring to think that authors had sifted and winnowed through reams of research to present key findings. I realize I was letting myself […]

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Can You Handle The Truth About Research?

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Can you handle the truth?  Some of you may remember Jack Nicholson’s rant on the witness stand in A Few Good Men.  I am often reminded of that phrase when I discuss research findings. Sadly, it is not because the findings are disturbing, though many are, but because as every good psychological scientist knows, research […]

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Looking for Something Completely Different (To share Psychological Science)?

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What are some core elements of Psychological Science? I recently picked some key elements and stitched together a short narrative. I was looking for a completely different way to share key principles. I wanted a non-lecture. I wanted non-textbook.  The result is one way to get psychology out more. Being a Psych Nerd, and someone […]

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Student Teaching Evaluations

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Opening up student evaluations—They are the best of times, they are the worst of times (with all due respect to Dickens). Before new semesters amble through the starting gates, it is a good time to put student evaluations of teaching (SETs) from preceding semesters in their right perspective. I have been reading and thinking a […]

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Should You Pay Students To Study? Works for Kids Eating Vegetables…..

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Academic semesters around the countryside amble towards their endings. Many teachers think that perennial thought:  How can we get more students to study more? In theory we teachers argue, if students studied more, students would learn more, do better on their exams, get better grades, be more satisfied with themselves, get better jobs (or get jobs […]

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