You Bailing? Don’t.

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We are all busy people. Sometimes we get a little extra time in the day when someone we had an appointment with fails to show up. As a professor, there are a number of times when I will be sitting in my office for my 10 o’clock meeting and no one shows up. Sometimes the […]

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Looking for Something Completely Different (To share Psychological Science)?

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What are some core elements of Psychological Science? I recently picked some key elements and stitched together a short narrative. I was looking for a completely different way to share key principles. I wanted a non-lecture. I wanted non-textbook.  The result is one way to get psychology out more. Being a Psych Nerd, and someone […]

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Should You Pay Students To Study? Works for Kids Eating Vegetables…..

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Academic semesters around the countryside amble towards their endings. Many teachers think that perennial thought:  How can we get more students to study more? In theory we teachers argue, if students studied more, students would learn more, do better on their exams, get better grades, be more satisfied with themselves, get better jobs (or get jobs […]

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You A Scapegoat? Answers to Who’s Accountable For Learning

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We all like having someone to blame. Whether it is the state of the economy, security, sanctions (or lack thereof), it just seems to feel better if we can point a finger. Learning is no exception. Educators point fingers all the time. Americans bemoan the state of public education. States experiment with different ways to […]

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