The Pedagogical Pundit

Education is not simple or straightforward. It is more than just going to class and delivering or receiving material. Teachers have a lot of questions about learning, but limited time to find answers. I want to help.

What’s the best way to engage students and help them learn? I think about this all the time. The question makes great fodder to while away time and flex intellectual muscle, but I’d rather find the best answers and discuss them with passionate teachers.

MY GOALs are:

– To help teachers be the best teachers they can be,
– To help students be the best learners they can be,
– Energize robust, sound, useful, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

As an optimistic, I know good teachtalk can inspire and energize. I enjoy taking large volumes of information and telling a cohesive story. No time for extensive reading of teaching journals or long lists of things to do? Not sure what the best, evidence-based solution to your teaching problem is?  I hope to provide some answers.


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