Looking for Something Completely Different (To share Psychological Science)?

What are some core elements of Psychological Science? I recently picked some key elements and stitched together a short narrative. I was looking for a completely different way to share key principles. I wanted a non-lecture. I wanted non-textbook.  The result is one way to get psychology out more.

Being a Psych Nerd, and someone who loves even public talks to be evidence-based, I wanted the 18 minute TedX talk to be as educational as possible. IT is packed with psych terms!!!  Have your students find them!!!  Rosalyn Stoa helped create a Teaching  Guide to the talk.

Now you can have students watch it, take a quiz on it, find key psych terms, read the articles cited in the talk and much much more.  Introducing ……

The TEACHER’s GUIDE TO USING:  Get Psyched: Think Stronger, Live Longer— Rosalyn Stoa

Welcome to the Teacher’s guide to using the Get Psyched Tedx Talk as a way to provide students with the core of what psychological science is about. It also makes for some fun ways to assess student learning.

In this talk, Dr. Regan A. R. Gurung says that psychological science provides a wealth of ways to live better lives. He has taught Intro Psych for near 20 years, is the author of a major American Psychologist article on strengthening the course (Gurung et al., 2016), and is co-chairing the American Psychological Association’s General Psychology Initiative.

He summarizes key determinants of behaviors and provides three simple ways are to live healthier, happier lives. We need to CHILL, DRILL, and BUILD:

  1. CHILL (Take time out from an emotional event to let your biology return to normal).
  2. DRILL (Practice specific productive ways of thinking to modify automatic thoughts that are unproductive).
  3. BUILD (your social networks).

YOU can use the 18 minute talk in various ways. Want to watch a cool TEDx talk about psychology? Here you go. Looking for an Intro Psych review? 18 minutes sums a lot up! Studying for the Free Response Questions on the AP Psych exam? Plenty of terms can be found here.

HOW TO USE: We have created a basic review template for this TEDx Talk. Students can watch the video, then take a 10 item multiple choice quiz under “Think”, and view additional terms that could be potentially found in this video in “Discussion”. Several studies that Dr. Gurung mentions can be found in “Dig Deeper”.

The link to this lesson can be found here.

NOW…. here’s the cool thing about TEDed. Hate what you see? You can customize this lesson to fit your needs! We created just a basic template. Go wild!

“I DON’T LIKE THE INTERNET. BE BETTER.”  Okay, okay. Sometimes the internet is not the easiest way to do things. Here is the list of Multiple Choice Questions we came up with for this video.


All the PSYCHOLOGY TERMS mentioned in the talk Here.


Comments and suggestions to make this better welcome (email me at gurungr@uwgb.edu) !!!!  ENJOY

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